6 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Juices as a Writer

If you aren’t writing, you aren’t making money.

Woman sitting on stairs thinking. 6 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Juices as a Writer.
Woman sitting on stairs thinking. 6 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Juices as a Writer.
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To succeed as a writer, you need creativity, new ideas, and the drive to write every day. Readers want to learn something from you or they want to be entertained by you. They expect you to produce quality material day after day. And if you don’t show up for work when they want you to, they feel disappointed. Even when the creative juice is missing, writer’s have to write.

Here are 6 things that prevent writers from unlocking their creative juices and how to fix them.

Trying too hard to write something original

There is nothing original. If you can think of it, someone has already written about it. But remember, even though everything has been written about, it hasn’t been written by you.

Your perspective on even mundane ideas are what people want to read. When you write, don’t worry about having a fantastic new idea. Instead, focus on writing an informative or entertaining story that people will want to read.

Expecting that your writing will bring thousands of views

The one thing you can control is your writing. And the one thing you can’t control is who reads and likes it. Every writer starts at the same place: they have no stories in their library, and they have no readers.

It takes time to develop a fan base, and it takes a lot of writing. If you can’t come up with an idea, write about something that interest you. That’s how successful writers develop their fan base.

Not forcing yourself to write every day

If you miss a day of writing, it will be hard to get the juices flowing when you get back to it. So make it a priority to write every day. You should demand it of yourself because your readers expect it.

There are no rules for writing every day. If you know you procrastinate, set a time to write and be there. Discover what works for you, but write every day.

Not keeping a notebook of topics with you 24/7

Having ideas written in a notebook will keep you with plenty of topics to write about. Set a goal of having 50 ideas. When you need something to write about, you’ll either get an idea from your notes or just looking over them will spark a thought.

Every idea you get, no matter how irrelevant it may seem, is something your subconscious has dished up to you. Write it down because you may eventually use it.

Not reading something new every day

Reading is the fodder for writing. If you aren’t reading something new every day, you are missing the biggest source of ideas. Reading will literally get your creative juices flowing.

Read the news. The headlines will give you ideas. Read questions on Quora. Read stories on this site. But don’t let reading be an excuse for not writing.

Overthinking ideas will staunch your creative flow

There is an unlimited number of things to write about. But if you overthink an idea, you may talk yourself out of writing about it.

Some of the best stories are simple and easy to read. If you have an idea that you feel isn’t intellectual enough, write it anyway.

Writing is a good way to make a part- or full-time income. But it requires a steady stream of stories being written and published. If you feel you are out of creative juice, go through your list of ideas. If you find something that you believe will inform or entertain your readers, write it.

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