Compare Yourself to Others And Get Spectacular Results

Kodi Lee is autistic and blind. And he won America’s Got Tallent.

Man singing in front of the stars. Compare Yourself to Others And Get Spectacular Results.
Man singing in front of the stars. Compare Yourself to Others And Get Spectacular Results.
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Comparing yourself to someone else is part of the human condition. People say that comparing yourself to someone else is bad, even evil. It will lead to envy, they claim. Remember Cain, they’ll say, he became jealous of his brother, Abel, and killed him.

Read about comparing yourself to someone else, and the are overwhelmingly negative. It seems everyone knows comparing yourself to someone else breeds jealousy and envy. It leads to self-doubt and destroys self-confidence. It will destroy our lives. But is that true? Can comparing ourselves to someone else, instead of destroying us, have spectacular results?

Comparing shows you what’s possible for you

is autistic. And he’s blind. Despite his handicaps, he is the 2019 . When I saw his audition, I felt amazed at his natural talent. His voice was pitch-perfect. During the interview with the judges, he had trouble speaking. His autism hindered him from talking without stumbling in starts and stops. Being unable to talk without stuttering, it didn’t seem possible that he could sing.

When you aspire to do something bigger than yourself, you’ll question your abilities. You’ll feel you aren’t capable or knowledgeable enough. Your doubts will shake your confidence.

You don’t have to be a singer to feel inspired by Kodi Lee. By comparing your life to his, you can find strength. He accomplished something that was beyond the odds. And so can you.

Comparing makes you grateful for your life

When Kodi first walked onto the stage with his mother, I thought he was the disabled son of a proud mom. Like all mothers, she wanted something great for her son. She gently led Kodi by the arm across the stage to stand before the row of judges. I wondered why he was on one of the biggest stages in the world. When he said he was going to sing, I thought his performance was going to be a train wreck. I, and millions of other people watching the show, misjudged him.

As I watched Kodi perform, I was watching something magical. His voice was beautiful, and the words flowed without a hitch. For the couple of minutes he sang, it was as if he transformed from a disabled man into a star. And by the time he finished performing, I cried.

Don’t misjudge yourself. Read books and watch movies of people who have an inspiring story of beating the odds against them. Dig into their lives and learn about them. When you compare your life to theirs, you will feel inspired.

Comparing can give you a competitive edge

When I was in high school, I was on the varsity track team. A friend of mine was also on the team. I wasn’t the best, and he wasn’t the worst. But we wanted to be better than we were. During practices and training, we would race against each other. If one of us did well in a competition, he got a slap on the back. We used each other to be better than we could have been on our own.

Having someone to compare yourself with will spur you to perform better. It will make you more competitive.

You don’t have to be a singer or piano player for Kodi Lee to inspire you. For example, I write. And watching him perform motivated me to be a better writer. Whatever you want to do, knowing someone has accomplished something great will inspire you to try harder.

And knowing it’s possible, knowing someone else has done it, makes you know you can do it too.

Comparing yourself to others isn’t evil.

It can give you spectacular results.

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